Raspberry Pi: Tempreature Monitor

About Temp Monitor

This project is made up of three different parts described below. This project exists to provide a way of monitoring the temperature of a room with data being collected by a server (in my case a VPS) somewhere else. All of the code here was designed for a Raspberry Pi B and written in nodejs as that's the language I have been doing recently. Nothing here uses the normal Raspberry Pi GPIO. I am taking advantage of the fact that the DS1820 sensor uses the 1-wire interface and can be accessed through the normal Linux filesystem on the Pi.

  1. Client: This code uses a DS1820 temperature sensor to read the temperature value of the room and reports it to the server part of this code every 2 hours using the cron npm package
  2. Server API: Using the Restify npm package there is a basic REST API with some simple calls that the client can make to report the room temperature back to the server.
  3. Viewer: This is the web interface viewer for the collected data. Data collected will have a timestamp and a temperature . This means the interface should show a graph of the date/temp data as well as some averages per week and maybe min/max temps.

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